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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tito Vilanova: Barcelona's Former Manager Dies Aged 45

Supporters of Roma and Milan paid tribute to the former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova at their Serie A match on Friday night. Photograph: Maurizio Brambatti/EPA

On the eve of Tito Vilanova's initial season responsible of metropolis, he stood within the middle of the Camp Nou pitch with a microphone in hand. Tradition dictates that the new campaign is welcome with the Gamper Trophy and therefore the manager perpetually features a message to deliver. This time, in August 2012, it carried a special affective power. "I'm thus happy that you are here with US," Vilanova turned to inform the French defender Eric Abidal. "Your fight is our strength."

Abidal had undergone a liver transplant in April of that year once suffering cancer and Vilanova knew one thing of what the Frenchman was going through: in November 2011 he had been diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland within the throat whereas assistant manager to ginger Guardiola. the subsequent might it absolutely was formally declared that he had absolutely overcome the health problem and he looked forward to a future as the manager of the club. His club. Abidal was still sick from the operation, his future unsure.

"If you are sturdy and you've got desire," Vilanova told Abidal ahead of the fans, "we can anticipate you, as long as it takes."

Abidal was given the medical all-clear and came to the club's Sant Joan Despí coaching ground four months later. it had been Dec 2012. a similar day, it was declared that Vilanova had suffered a relapse of his cancer. He underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy whereas still the Barcelona manager, eventually being forced to leave the post last summer attributable to his deteriorating health. On Friday, he passed away. He was 45.

Flags at the executive entrance to the Camp Nou flew at half-mast. somewhat more spherical, aboard the north finish of the bowl, stands La Masía – the tiny Catalan-style farmhouse built in 1702 where the club's youth team players used to live. it had been there that Vilanova watched out of the window as Bernd Schuster trained on the little pitch below and there that he met Guardiola. Vilanova had arrived aged fourteen and therefore the 2 men – 2 boys – were technically talented midfielders who shared abundant. Above all, they shared a philosophy.

Vilanova contend for Barcelona B but not the primary team. Born within the village of Bellcaire d'Empordà with a population of very little over five hundred, in Catalan agricultural country, Vilanova contend at Figueres, Celta DE Vigo, Badajoz, Mallorca, Elche and Gramenet. He had left Barcelona in 1990, determined that he wouldn't wait over 2 years for a chance nevertheless his vogue was perpetually a Barça vogue and he came swiftly. In 2002, he became coach of Barcelona's Cadete B, a team of 13-year-olds that enclosed Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fábregas and Lionel Messi.

When Guardiola was created coach of Barcelona's B team in 2007, he now referred to as his friend. Vilanova knew Catalan soccer like few others: he had been sporting director at Figueres and Terrasa and was coaching job at Palafrugell. He was a fair additional determined defender of a selected footballing religion than Guardiola, telling El País: "We're totally different. Winning alone isn't enough: we've a perfect of youth team players and assaultive soccer, as Barcelona's culture demands. we've our faults however being cowards can ne'er be one among them."

Together they won the Third Division league title so they took over the primary team. "Are we prepared for this?" Guardiola asked Vilanova. "Well, you are," Villanova replied. They won six out of six trophies, as well as a unique treble, and oversaw the foremost flourishing era within the club's history.

When Guardiola won the coach's Ballon d'Or, he dedicated the award to Vilanova, delivering the foremost personal part of his speech in Catalan. Vilanova had by then been diagnosed with cancer however he came back to figure in eighteen days. "My job is my whole life," he would say. And as Guardiola's time came to an end, he had overcome the health problem and was given the prospect to manage alone.

In a tv interview that winter, Vilanova explained however how treatment he had thought of his 2 kids who "still want me around". His son Adrià plays for Barcelona's juvenil youth team. a couple of days later, on what ought to have been a cheerful day, marked by Abidal's come back, the news bust. He traveled to ny for treatment, briefly leaving the post, returning to check Barcelona win the league title with a record a hundred points.

As Barcelona's kind had swaybacked and criticism had emerged at the top of that season, once Vilanova managed the team from his hospital bed, even conducting some team talks by video from the United States, Javier Mascherano noted: "Our manager isn't in ny on vacation, you know." Somehow it ne'er quite feels real, therefore the Argentinian's words hit hard. the headscarf Vilanova had taken to carrying round his neck was another reminder. Then, within the summer he was forced to step down as manager on medical recommendation.

There were occasional updates and he would be seen generally looking at his son however he had for the most part withdrawn, determined to not burden others. "It'll be fine," he would say.

On that Dec day once Barcelona declared Vilanova had suffered a relapse of the cancer to that he lost his life , the sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, was asked if Abidal and Vilanova's sicknesses made Barcelona's legend even bigger as a result of that they overcame adversity. "No," Zubizarreta replied, "it makes US human."

Monday, 21 April 2014

Stem cells cloned first time from a man's skin

cloned stem cell

In a major breakthrough, scientists have for the primary time grownup stem cells from a man's skin using cloning techniques. 

While the advancement may open the talk over ethics of human biological research, it may additionally cause development of tissue in a very workplace that would be used for treating a good vary of adult diseases, as well as Alzheimer's. 

Scientists cloned a vertebrate, Dolly the sheep for the primary time in 1996. 

"What we have a tendency to show for the primary time is that you simply will actually take skin cells, from a old 35-year-old male, however additionally from an older, 75-year-old male" and use the DNA to form tissue with cells of a definite match, aforesaid Robert Lanza, a prof at Wake Forest University college of medicine. 

"I am happy to listen to that our experiment was verified and shown to be real," said Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a development scientist at Oregon Health and Science University within the United States. 

Starting with a top quality human egg is vital to the cloning method, confirmed the study. 

The researchers replaced the first DNA in an unfertilized egg with the donor DNA, then cultivated the cells in a very laboratory dish. 

They found that the stem cells were a definite match to the donor's DNA and thus they may then be changed into varied tissue types. 

"In theory, you'll use those stem cells to provide nearly any reasonably cell and provides it back to an individual as a medical aid," Paul Knoepfler, associate prof at the University of Calif. at Davis was quoted as saying. 

The study appeared within the journal Cell stem cell.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hamid Mir, Pakistan's TV Journalist, Wounded in Attack

hamid mir
Prominent TV anchor Hamid Mir is in a Karachi hospital when gunmen opened fire on his car Saturday afternoon. Mir's car was ambushed by attackers, a minimum of a number of whom were riding motorcycles, in line with native media reports.

Details concerning the attack are still rising. Citing police, Mir's broadcast network, Geo TV, says he came across a hospital in crucial condition when being shot thrice within the leg and body part. Mir's driver escaped large injury; the gunmen stay at large.
"Mir is now reported  to have regained consciousness and hospital administration says his condition is out of danger," Pakistan's Dawn news service says.
Mir's brother, Amir, tells Geo TV that before the attack, Mir told him that an effort on his life might return from among a part of Pakistan's government — specifically from among its administrative body, ISI.
Amir Mir added that his brother "had recorded a video message and sent it to the Committee to guard Journalists."
The international intelligence agency has denied any involvement, and Pakistan's leaders have condemned the attack, the country's specific apse says:
"Both the President and therefore the Prime Minister condemned the attack.
"Later, the military condemned the attack prayed for his well being and fast recovery.
"According to a press release of Inter-Services PR representative, an independent inquiry should right away be applied to determine facts. The advocate added  that allegations against international intelligence agency or head of international intelligence agency with none basis are highly unfortunate and dishonorable."
The incident has given new fuel to associate outcry in Islamic Republic of Pakistan over attacks on journalists. From capital of Pakistan, NPR's Philip Reeves filed this report for our news unit:
"Hamid Mir is one among Pakistan's known — and disputable — journalists, and one amongst the few to interview Osama bin Laden.
"His employer, Geo TV, says four men on motorcycles opened fire on Mir's car as he was going from Karachi airport to the workplace.
"Attacks and intimidation against Pakistan's journalists are alarmingly common. 3 weeks past, gunmen pumped up bullets into another TV anchor's automobile in city, killing the driving force.
"In January, 3 media employees in Karachi were shot dead. Pakistan's government has secure higher security for the media: it will currently face supplementary pressure to hold these through."
A colleague says he in brief spoke to Mir by phone, as the attack was happening.
"Geo News Islamabad bureau chief, Rana Jawad aforesaid Hamid Mir spoke to him once being attacked and aforementioned that the gunmen were following him and continued  to fire on the car," Geo TV reports.

The broadcaster adds that a trial was created on Mir's life in 2012, when explosives were found to possess been placed below his car.

Happy Easter 2014: All you need to know

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Generally the foremost well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.

Christians believe, consistent with Scripture, which Jesus Christ came back to life, or was raised from the dead, 3 days after his death on the cross. As a part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, the Fri before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus Christ paid the penalty for sin, therefore buying for all who believe him, aliveness in Christ.

In Western Christianity, Easter marks the tip of season, a 40-day amount of fast, repentance, moderation and non secular discipline in preparation for Easter. Season begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Eastern Orthodox churches observe season or nice season, throughout the six weeks or forty days precedingPalm Sunday with fast continued throughout the Holy Week of Easter. Season for eastern Orthodox churches begins on Mon and Ash Wednesday isn't ascertained.

Because of Easter's pagan origins, and additionally due to the commercialisation of Easter, several Christian churches prefer to check with the vacation as Resurrection Day.

The biblical account of Jesus' death on the cross, or crucifixion, his burial and his resurrection, or rising from the dead, is found within the following passages of Scripture: Matthew 27:27-28:8; Mark 15:16-16:19; Luke 23:26-24:35; and John 19:16-20:30.

In Western Christianity, Easter is often celebrated on the Sunday right away following the paschal full phase of the moon.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Author Gabriel García Márquez dies aged 87

The Colombian Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez, who released the worldwide rise in Spanish language literature and charming realism together with his novel 100 Years of Solitude, died at the age of eighty seven. He had been admitted to hospital in Mexico City on three April with pneumonia.
Matching business success with important acclaim, García Márquez became a standard-bearer for Latin American letters, establishing a route for negotiations between guerillas and therefore the Colombian government, building a relationship with Fidel Castro and maintaining a feud with fellow literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa that lasted over thirty years.
Barack Obama said the world had lost "one of its greatest visionary writers". Adding to that he said "I offer my thoughts to his family and friends, whom I hope take solace in the fact that Gabo's work will live on for generations to come."
Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos said yesterday via Twitter: "A thousand years of solitude and sadness at the death of the greatest Colombian of all time. Solidarity and condolences to his wife and family ... Such giants never die."
Born in a village close to the northern coast of Colombia on six March 1927, García Márquez was raised by his grandparents for the primary 9 years of his life and started operating as a journalist along with learning law in Bogotá.
A series of articles relating the ordeal of a Colombian sailor sparked disputation and saw him trip to Europe as a distant correspondent in 1955, the year during which he revealed his 1st work of fiction, the short novel Leaf Storm. Short stories and novellas with the realism of Hemingway as their inspiration followed, however once the publication of The Evil Hour in 1962 García Márquez found himself at an impasse.
Speaking to the Paris Review in 1981 he explained how he determined his writings concerning his childhood were "more political" than the "journalistic literature" he had been engaged with. He wished to come back to his childhood and also the fanciful village of Macondo he had created in Leaf Storm, however there was "always one thing missing". after 5 years he located the "right tone", a style "based on the means my grannie used to tell the stories".

García Márquez with a copy of his book. One Hundred Years of Solitude in 1975.
Isabel Steva Hernandez (Colita)/Corbis

Asked in 1981 about his ambitions as a writer he suggested that it would be a "catastrophe" to be awarded the Nobel prize, arguing that writers struggle with fame, which "invades your private life" and "tends to isolate you from the real world".
"I don't really like to say this because it never sounds sincere," he continued, "but I would really have liked for my books to have been published after my death, so I wouldn't have to go through all this business of fame and being a great writer."

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