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Cast of Game of Thrones

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game of thrones cast

House Stark
  • Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell.
  • Michelle Fairley as Lady Catelyn Stark, originally of House Tully.
  • Richard Madden as Robb Stark, Eddard's eldest son and heir.
  • Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, Eddard's eldest daughter.
  • Maisie Williams as Arya Stark, Eddard's youngest daughter.
  • Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark, Eddard's middle son.
  • Art Parkinson as Rickon Stark, Eddard's youngest son.
  • Kit Harington as Jon Snow, Eddard's bastard son by an unknown mother.
  • Joseph Mawle as Benjen Stark, Eddard's younger brother, First Ranger of the Night's Watch.

Retainers at Winterfell
  • Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy, a ward and hostage for his rebellious father's good behavior.
  • Ron Donachie as Ser Rodrik Cassel, master of arms.
  • Jamie Sives as Jory Cassel, Rodrik's nephew, captain of the guards.
    • Phil Dixon as Tomard, a guardsman.
    • Graham Charles as Varly, a guardsman.
  • Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin, a maester of the Citadel.
  • Kristian Nairn as Hodor, a simple stableboy.
  • Margaret John as Old Nan, a retired servant and Hodor's great-grandmother.
  • Susan Brown as Septa Mordane, a religious tutor and governess to Arya and Sansa.
  • Esme Bianco as Ros, a prostitute working in Winterfell's outlying town.

Vassals and allies of House Stark
  • Clive Mantle as Lord Greatjon Umber, Lord of Last Hearth, a loyal vassal of House Stark.
  • Mark Coney as Lord Galbart Glover, Lord of Deepwood Motte, a vassal of House Stark.
  • Steven Blount (Season 1)/John Stahl (Season 2) as Lord Rickard Karstark, Lord of Karhold, a vassal and distant kinsman of House Stark.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jojen Reed, the son and heir of Lord Howland Reed, one of Eddard Stark's closest friends and allies.
  • Ellie Kendrick as Meera Reed, Jojen's older sister.

House Bolton and retainers
  • Michael McElhatton as Lord Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort, a vassal of Eddard Stark.
  • Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Snow, Lord Roose's bastard son.
  • Noah Taylor as Locke, a vassal and hunter in Lord Bolton's service.
  • Charlotte Hope as Myranda, a prostitute at the Dreadfort.

House Lannister
  • Charles Dance as Lord Tywin Lannister, the widowed patriarch of House Lannister and father of Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion.
  • Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, twin sister of Jaime, mother of Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ser Jaime Lannister, a knight of the Kingsguard, twin brother of Cersei.
  • Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Cersei and Jaime's younger brother, called the Imp for his size.
  • Ian Gelder as Ser Kevan Lannister, Lord Tywin's younger brother and closest adviser.
  • Eugene Simon as Lancel Lannister, Ser Kevan's son, a squire to King Robert.
  • Karl Davies as Alton Lannister, a distant cousin of the main branch of the family.

Vassals and allies of House Lannister
  • Daniel Portman as Podrick Payne, a squire, a member of one of the Lannisters' vassal families.
  • Fintan McKeown as Ser Amory Lorch, a loyal vassal and retainer of House Lannister.
  • Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane, Prince Joffrey's bodyguard and sworn sword, long in the service of House Lannister.
  • Conan Stevens (Season 1)/Ian Whyte (Season 2)/Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Season 4) as Ser Gregor Clegane, Sandor Clegane's brother and the most feared knight in Westeros, known as 'Lord Tywin's Mad Dog'.
  • Anthony Morris as the Tickler, a noted interrogator and torturer in the service of Ser Gregor Clegane.
  • Vinnie McCabe as Lord Leo Lefford, a Lannister bannerman.

House Baratheon
  • Mark Addy as King Robert Baratheon, King of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Jack Gleeson as Prince Joffrey Baratheon, King Robert's eldest son and heir.
  • Aimee Richardson as Myrcella Baratheon, King Robert's eldest daughter.
  • Callum Wharry as Tommen Baratheon, King Robert's youngest son.
  • Gethin Anthony as Lord Renly Baratheon, King Robert's youngest brother, Lord of Storm's End.
  • Stephen Dillane as Lord Stannis Baratheon, King Robert's middle brother, Lord of Dragonstone.
  • Tara Fitzgerald as Lady Selyse Baratheon, Lord Stannis's wife, originally of House Florent.
  • Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon, Lord Stannis's daughter and only child.

Vassals and allies of House Baratheon
  • Carice van Houten as Melisandre, Lord Stannis's adviser, a red priestess.
  • Liam Cunningham as Ser Davos Seaworth, a former smuggler, now Lord Stannis' most loyal vassal.
  • Kerr Logan as Matthos Seaworth, Ser Davos's son.
  • Oliver Ford Davies as Maester Cressen, Lord Stannis's maester.
  • Lucian Msamati as Salladhor Saan, a freesail in Stannis's employ.
  • Gordon Mahn as Ser Imry Florent, a knight sworn to Stannis's service.
  • Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth, a fierce warrior from the Stormlands.
  • Robert Sterne as the Royal Steward, a courtier in the service of Robert Baratheon in King's Landing.
  • Rhodri Hosking as Mycah, son of a butcher in King Robert's retinue.

House Arryn and retainers
  • Sir John Standing as Lord Jon Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie and the King's Hand.
  • Kate Dickie as Lady Lysa Arryn, originally of House Tully, Catelyn Stark's sister.
  • Lino Facioli as Robin Arryn, Lord Jon's only surviving son and heir.
  • Brendan McCormack as Ser Vardis Egen, the captain of the Eyrie's household guards.
  • Ciaran Birmingham as Mord, the Eyrie's chief gaoler.
  • Jefferson Hall as Ser Hugh of the Vale, Lord Jon's former squire.
  • Rupert Vansittart as Lord Yohn Royce, one of the Arryns' most stalwart vassals and supporters.
  • Paola Dionisotti as Lady Anya Waynwood, one of the Arryns' vassals.
  • Alisdair Simpson as Ser Donnel Waynwood, the Knight of the Gate.

House Tyrell and retainers
  • Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Lord Mace Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden and the Reach. The son of Olenna Redwyne and the father of Loras and Margaery.
  • Finn Jones as Ser Loras Tyrell, Lord Renly Baratheon's former squire and a famous tourney knight.
  • Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, Loras's sister.
  • Dame Diana Rigg as Olenna Redwyne, nicknamed the Queen of Thorns, the mother of Mace, grandmother of Loras and Margaery and matriarch of the family.

House Greyjoy and retainers
  • Patrick Malahide as Lord Balon Greyjoy, Lord of Pyke, father of Theon Greyjoy.
  • Gemma Whelan as Yara Greyjoy, the only daughter of Lord Balon.
  • Forbes KB as Lorren, a noted raider and reaver in the service of House Greyjoy.
  • Ralph Ineson as Dagmer, a noted raider, reaver and ship captain in the service of House Greyjoy.

House Tully and retainers
  • Tobias Menzies as Ser Edmure Tully, the son and heir of the ailing Lord Hoster Tully and the brother of Lady Catelyn Stark.
  • Clive Russell as Ser Brynden Tully, Lord Hoster's younger brother, a famous knight known as "The Blackfish".
  • Gerry O'Brien as Lord Jonos Bracken, Lord of Stone Hedge, a vassal of House Tully.
  • Kevin Keenan as Kurleket, a man-at-arms to House Bracken, a vassal of House Tully.
  • Ryan McKenna as Ser Willis Wode, a sworn sword of House Whent, a vassal of House Tully.

House Frey and retainers
  • David Bradley as Lord Walder Frey, Lord of the Twins, an old and prickly vassal of House Tully, past ninety years of age.
  • Kelly Long as Joyeuse Erenford, Walder Frey's newest wife.
  • Tim Plester as "Black Walder" Frey, the great-grandson of Walder Frey and a noted warrior with a hot temper.
  • Alexandra Dowling as Roslin Frey, one of Lord Frey's youngest daughters.
  • Elizabeth Webster as Fat Walda Frey, one of Lord Frey's granddaughters.

House Martell and retainers
  • Pedro Pascal as Prince Oberyn Martell, popularly known as the Red Viper. The younger brother of the ruling Prince Doran Martell of Dorne.
  • Indira Varma as Ellaria Sand, Oberyn's paramour and mother to several of his children.
  • Daniel Rabin as Lord Blackmont, a senior vassal of the Martells.

In the Riverlands
  • Susie Kelly as Masha Heddle, the innkeeper of the Crossroads Inn.
  • Jerome Flynn as Bronn, a sellsword met at the Crossroads Inn.
  • Emun Elliott as Marillion, a singer and troubadour met at the Crossroads Inn.
  • Sibel Kekilli as Shae, a camp-follower and prostitute attached to the Lannister army.
  • Mark Lewis Jones as Shagga, a warrior clan chief from the Mountains of the Moon.
  • Oona Chaplin as Talisa Maegyr, a battlefield doctor.
  • Paul Kealyn as Weasel, a worker at Harrenhal.
  • Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr, a red priest, warrior, famed drinker and friend of King Robert.
  • Philip McGinley as Anguy, an exceptionally-skilled archer.
  • Anton Lesser as Qyburn, a disgraced maester.

In King's Landing
  • Aidan Gillen as Lord Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish, the Master of Coin on the king's small council.
  • Julian Glover as Grand Maester Pycelle, the master of wisdom on the king's small council.
  • Conleth Hill as Varys, the Master of Whisperers on the king's small council.
  • Ian McElhinney as Lord Commander Barristan Selmy, the head of the Kingsguard.
  • Ian Beattie as Ser Meryn Trant, a knight of the Kingsguard.
  • James Doran as Ser Mandon Moore, a knight of the Kingsguard.
  • Wilko Johnson as Ser Ilyn Payne, the king's headsman and executioner.
  • David Michael Scott (Season 1)/Richard Dormer (Season 3) as Lord Beric Dondarrion, a young lord and popular tourney knight.
  • Dominic Carter as Commander Janos Slynt, the commander of the City Watch.
  • Miltos Yerolemou as Syrio Forel, a master swordsman from Braavos.
  • Andrew Wilde as Tobho Mott, a master armorer and smith.
  • Joe Dempsie as Gendry, Mott's apprentice.
  • Antonia Christophers as Mhaegen, a prostitute.
  • Sahara Knite as Armeca, a prostitute.
  • Emily Diamond as a prostitute.
  • Josephine Gillan as Marei, a prostitute.
  • Will Tudor as Olyvar, a male prostitute and spy.
  • Pixie Le Knot as Kayla, a prostitute and contortionist.
  • Eros Vlahos as Lommy Greenhands, a dyer's apprentice.
  • Ben Hawkey as Hot Pie, a baker's apprentice.
  • Andy Beckwith as Rorge, a street criminal imprisoned in the Red Keep.
  • Gerard Jordan as Biter, a street criminal imprisoned in the Red Keep.
  • Hugo Culverhouse as a stableboy in the Red Keep.
  • Tom Wlaschiha as Jaqen H'ghar, a prisoner in the Red Keep.
  • Roy Dotrice as Wisdom Hallyne, the head of the Alchemists' Guild.
  • Simon Fisher-Becker as the High Septon, the head of the Faith of the Seven.
  • Tony Way as Ser Dontos Hollard, a knight in service to the crown.
  • Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris, a representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos to the Iron Throne.

In the Night's Watch
  • James Cosmo as Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, commander of the Night's Watch.
  • Owen Teale as Ser Alliser Thorne, in charge of training new recruits.
  • Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon, Lord Mormont's closest adviser.
  • Brian Fortune as Bowen Marsh, the First Steward of the Watch.
  • Dennis McKeever as Othell Yarwyck, the First Builder of the Watch.
  • Jeffrey O'Brien as Ser Jaremy Rykker, an officer in the rangers.
  • Francis Magee as Yoren, a recruiter for the Watch.
  • John Bradley-West as Samwell Tarly, a nobleman's son, a fresh recruit to the Wall.
  • Josef Altin as Pypar, a fresh recruit to the Watch, a former actor.
  • Mark Stanley as Grenn, a fresh recruit to the Watch.
  • Luke McEwan as Rast, a fresh recruit to the Watch, arrested for rape.
  • Rob Ostlere as Ser Waymar Royce, a newcomer to the Watch, a skilled knight.
  • Dermot Keaney as Gared, an experienced ranger.
  • Bronson Webb as Will, an experienced ranger and scout.
  • Ben Crompton as Eddison Tollett, a squire, noted for his pessimistic sense of humor.
  • Simon Armstrong as Qhorin Halfhand, an elite scout from the Shadow Tower and one of the Watch's most respected rangers.
  • Burn Gorman as Karl, a ranger.

  • Natalia Tena as Osha, a wildling warrior-woman.
  • Stephen Don as Stiv, a former member of the Watch who has turned his cloak.
  • Robert Pugh as Craster, a wildling whose keep provides a safehaven for rangers of the Watch.
  • Hannah Murray as Gilly, one of Craster's daughters.
  • Rose Leslie as Ygritte, a wildling warrior-woman in the service of Mance Rayder.
  • Edward Dogliani as Lord of Bones, a famed wildling warrior and leader of men, a fierce enemy of the Night's Watch.
  • Mackenzie Crook as Orell, a sinister wildling with unnatural powers.
  • Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane, a charismatic wildling leader.
  • Ciarán Hinds as Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, the leader of all the wildlings by acclamation.
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov as Styr, the Magnar of Thenn.

In Pentos and Vaes Dothrak
  • Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen, an exiled Targaryen claimant to the Iron Throne.
  • Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Viserys's younger sister.
  • Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont, a knight of Westeros, exiled by Lord Eddard Stark.
  • Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo, a warlord of the Dothraki.
  • Roger Allam as Illyrio Mopatis, a magister of the Free City of Pentos.
  • Dar Salim as Qotho, one of Drogo's bloodriders.
  • Ivailo Dimitrov as Mago, a Dothraki warrior.
  • Elyes Gabel as Rakharo, a Dothraki warrior in Daenerys's service as a bodyguard.
  • Steven Cole as Kovarro, a Dothraki warrior.
  • Amrita Acharia as Irri, a handmaiden gifted to Daenerys.
  • Roxanne McKee as Doreah, a servant and adviser gifted to Daenerys.
  • Sarita Piotrowski as Jhiqui, a handmaiden gifted to Daenerys.
  • Rania Zouari as a Pentoshi servant in Illyrio's manse.
  • Simon Lowe as a wineseller in Vaes Dothrak.

In Lhazar
  • Mia Soteriou as Mirri Maz Duur, a healer of the Lhazareen people.

In Qarth
  • Nonso Anozie as Xaro Xhoan Daxos, a merchant lord of Qarth.
  • Ian Hanmore as Pyat Pree, a warlock of Qarth.
  • Laura Pradelska as Quaithe, a priestess of the Shadow Lands resident in Qarth.
  • Nicholas Blane as the Spice King, the leader of the spice merchants of Qarth.

In Astapor and Yunkai
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei, a slave and translator working in the city of Astapor.
  • Dan Hildebrand as Kraznys mo Nakloz, a slave-trader and immensely rich merchant in Astapor.
  • Ramon Tikaram as Prendahl na Ghezn, a mercenary commander.
  • Ed Skrein (Season 3)/Michiel Huisman (Season 4) as Daario Naharis, a charismatic mercenary.
  • Jacob Anderson as Grey Worm, a warrior-eunuch of the Unsullied.

In Meereen
  • Joel Fry as Hizdahr zo Loraq, a lord of Meereen.

  • David Benioff - writer/executive producer.
  • D.B. Weiss - writer/executive producer.
  • George R.R. Martin - writer/executive producer.
  • Guymon Cassidy - executive producer.
  • Carolyn Strauss - executive producer.
  • Ralph Vincinaza - executive producer.
  • Vincent Gerardis - executive producer.
  • Frank Doelger - producer.
  • Mark Huffam - producer
  • Thomas McCarthy - director (pilot).
  • Sean Bobbitt - director of photography.
  • Sean Guest - 1st assistant director.
  • Tatiana S. Riegel - editor.
  • Gemma Jackson - production designer.
  • Michele Clapton - costume designer.
  • Marisa Clayton - digital post-production.
  • Julia Frey - production supervisor/location scout (pilot).
  • Robert Stromberg - VFX supervisor (pilot).
  • Ramin Djawadi - music (series).
  • Buster Reeves - stunt work (pilot).
  • Corvus Corax - music (Winterfell feast scene).
  • Nina Gold - London casting director.
  • Amy Berman & Carrie Frazier - Los Angeles casting directors.
  • Michelle Taylor Spellman - Los Angeles casting associate.
  • Kerry Barden & Paul Schnee - New York casting directors.
  • Allison Estrin - New York casting associate.

  • David Benioff & D.B. Weiss: episodes 1-3, 5, 7, 9-12, 15, 17-18, 20-21, 23-24, 26, 28-31, 33, 35, 37-40.
  • Bryan Cogman: episodes 4, 13, 25, 34 and 36.
  • Jane Espenson: episode 6.
  • George R.R. Martin: episodes 8, 19, 27 and 32.
  • Vanessa Taylor: episode 14, 16 and 22.

  • Thomas McCarthy: pilot episode (unscreened).
  • Tim Van Patten: episodes 1-2.
  • Brian Kirk: episodes 3-5.
  • Daniel Minahan: episodes 6-8, 21-22.
  • Alan Taylor: episodes 9-12, 18 & 20.
  • Alik Sakharov: episodes 13, 26, 36-37.
  • David Petrarca: episodes 14-15.
  • David Nutter: episodes 16-17, 29-30.
  • Neil Marshall: episodes 19 & 39.
  • David Benioff: episodes 23.
  • Alex Graves: episodes 24-25, 32-33, 38 & 40.
  • Michelle MacLaren: episodes 27-28, 34-35.
  • ​D. B. Weiss: episode 31.

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